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BibleJim Evangelism Outreach Open Air Preacher Books Bood Power Word Power Study Power_
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I have been blessed with a unique life and glorious opportunities to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ cleansing my sins and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, my life changed drastically. That is why this Book is called “Blood Power”. The purpose of this book is to provoke thinking that will spring forth into activism for the Lord Jesus Christ. As we all are passing through our individual journeys, the choices we make coupled with discerning time management, seasoned with proper attitudes, are extremely important to God and have eternal ramifications.

This book tells the story of my life in Christian ministry. It starts with Luke, a friend of mine, describing an experience he had with me and others in Las Vegas New Years Eve 2005 on the strip with hundreds of thousands of partying people. It then travels back 40 years to the year 1967 where I had my first meaningful encounter with Christianity. The book then weaves through the years of my experiences within the ministry with many biblical training tips and stories of various encounters I have had with other ministers and people, concluding in the year 2007. It is my hope that this book will encourage many to see in a new way the many creative opportunities we all have to be servants of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and that we all would then follow through with personal involvement.

- James Webber







Early in my Christian studies and ministry, I found the need to write “sections” as a means of defense on topics that in my opinion were being either misrepresented or ignored by many. It was more efficient to hand someone my views on a subject, requesting them to read them, before the discussion developed. I would Explain to them that they could help me out by taking a red pen and marking the paper up whenever they found apparent errors. Then we could get back together and talk about it. I found this method as a far more productive usage of time. In most discussions even with the best intentions it’s not long before both parties are spending far too much time in left field. Of course any time you make all your view known on a subject for someone to examine before you know their views, it gives them the advantage.

My attitude has always been that truth is more powerful than error; and if wrong, I certainly would want to be corrected. So what is there to fear?
My sections are ongoing projects in which I do not claim to be right on everything. I’m just saying that if I’m wrong, help me out in my understanding. Whether you agree or not, there is much one can learn from being exposed to these sections. Provoking Biblical thinking can’t be all wrong. Also note in speaking on a subject within Christianity, it is not necessary to balance every negative observation with a positive. For example, if a cardiologist is explaining the problems with a heart, it’s not necessary to explain how good the lungs are. So therefore, when dealing with a subject, I speak only to my concerns on what I consider to be errors or what is needed to be fine tuned.

Much of the credit to my sections goes to the many Bible studies and discussion participants over the years and those that have stimulated me through their errors and distortions of the Word of God. Many fine Biblical research books that are available today, have been invaluable to me. I also thank God for inspiring me to place more value on His Word than anything else I know of in life.







Some years ago I put together a book that became the tool that guided people into truth and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. I desired to make something to be used in follow-up that could be as effective as the Four Spiritual Laws booklet was in conversions. All anyone would have to do would be to read the booklet and look up the verses and all would benefit. I wanted to make it easy to follow and interesting enough to hold interest yet comprehensive in content, therefore, moving a person from the milk of the Word to the meat of the Word. I have used this method of the follow-up booklet for many years with Christians and non-Christians, and witnessed many lives changed.

The book was named “How Shall I Know Unless Someone Guides Me?” This present book attempts to improve upon the older book. Bible studies can be a fun, enjoyable and effective opportunities for Christians to do something pleasing to God and to get to know God at the same time. Watching and helping someone start a new life is a blessing. Watching and helping Christians grow in their understanding and knowledge of the Scriptures and God is also a blessing. The following is a method for developing home Bible studies. If you would like to create a home Bible study group, you might try the following:

1. Ask a neighbor, friend, fellow student, coworker or a member of your family if they can spare an hour a week for the next six to eight weeks.
2. Tell them something like, “I would like to share with you what Christians believe and why they believe it.”
3. Set the time. Once you get to the meeting place, sit at a table and open your Bible to the Table of Contents. Explain how the Table of Contents will be helpful in looking up verses during the study time.
4. Simply read each pre-planned study in this book and comment as you continue to look up verses in the Bible.
5. Remember to review the last study from the week before.
6. Ask questions like, “What does this verse say?” and “What do you think it meant to those to whom it was written?” Speak slowly and clearly. Do not read too fast.
7. Try to have them look up most of the Scriptures so they will spend more time in the Bible.
8. Following my outline is not essential. Make your own, start where you want and end where you want.

Furthermore, consider the following tips because conducting a home Bible study takes perseverance, time and personal commitment:

1. Be enthusiastic, honest, open to their opinions and listen to what they are discovering (even if you already know it).
2. When asked a question to which you do not know the answer, do not panic. Take a deep breath, smile and say, “That is a good question, but I don’t know the answer.” Do not give an answer just to give an answer. Tell them you will try to find the answer for them and then do it.
3. Don’t tell them all you know. Let them discover truth for themselves.
You provide the tools but let them find the jewels!
4. Don’t get discouraged over no-shows.
5. Give of yourself, enjoy yourself and be yourself.

Home Bible Studies have a two fold purpose:
1.) Building of disciples (follow-up), helping others to learn God’s word and live victorious productive Christian lives.
2.) Continually strengthening your understanding of God’s Word, as the Holy Spirit continues to reveal deeper truths to you.